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Your name: Crystal
Character Name & Journal: Keats | [personal profile] headlining
Canon: Folklore
Belief Level: It's...complicated. I'd say half-believer because of circumstances explained below!

Why this level? Okay, I have to explain a THING. A very BIG thing. Basically, Keats is canonly 10000% logical Agent Scully material who dismisses every single magical thing he sees as nothing more than hallucinations/petty sleight of the hand tricks/weather balloons/what have you. "But Crystal," you say, "wouldn't that make him a non-believer?" To which I say, "well, the fact of the matter is, uh, Keats is entirely a magical being himself."

Basically, Keats is in absolute denial over his magical nature - he desperately clings to his own belief that he's human and refuses to acknowledge anything magical even though he knows the truth about himself. He's something called a Half-Life in his canon - it's basically an undead magical creature/spirit of sorts that is created through the deep desire of a human being. An imaginary friend ghost, of sorts. SO BASICALLY even though outwardly he comes off as a cynical non-believer, he's constantly struggling with accepting his true magical identity. (And, funny enough, he ALSO can't be seen/heard/talked to if people don't believe in magic, which makes him very similar to North!)

Anything else? questions? comments? Keats will probably hear North's voice or catch quick glimpses of him, and may play along with it (like in an "oh, haha, I'm having a funny dream, why not talk to Santa Claus" way). Besides that, until he accepts his own true nature, he probably won't be able to see North entirely for who he is.

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