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santa is invisible: permissions

Surprise! Santa Claus is real. He's just a 7ft Russian swordsmaster who has tattoos on his arms, and goes by "Nicholas St. North" instead of any other name you might be familiar with. He's also a spirit; a Guardian, to be exact. And the canon he's from (Rise of the Guardians) has it so that only individuals that believe can directly interact with a Guardian. This means to non-believers, Nicholas St. North is just some name on the network that they, strangely enough, won't see/hear/touch/etc - as much as he tries to get their attention. To believers, North is just a really strange version of Santa, but otherwise he's definitely real!

As this will (obviously) heavily impact how his interactions and CR play out, so below is a handy-dandy form for you to let me know just where your character falls on this belief-scale! Feel free to repeat for however many characters you have. If you're canon blind, no worries, I also have a table to give you an idea of what each of the different "levels" mean -


do not believe in North, and are unaware/dismiss the idea of santa. they can be very spiritual or magical people, and/or believe in the Tooth Fairy, Sand Man, Easter Bunny, or even Jack Frost, but they don't think santa exists.
these characters cannot see, hear, or touch North. to north, it looks something like this.
they can still interact using every other indirect method possible (including the network)! north can still interact with objects normally, and characters can definitely see the objects being interacted with provided it's not something north explicitly owns (ie, his swords and any clothes/accessories on him). i also tend to assume psychic powers (like telepathy) will still work on him, but if you'd like to place restrictions that's totally cool.
if you ever wanted your character to believe in ghosts, here's your chance.

characters here might be slowly moving from non-believer to believer status, or the other way around.
or, they might be characters who figure anything's possible, or are familiar with/aware of some christmas (or wondrous/joyous) spirit, but this belief doesn't include santa specifically. they could be told that santa is here with them, but have yet to believe it for themselves. or they know north exists, but they don't realize north is santa.
these characters can't completely see, hear, or touch north, but they may catch glimpses of a 7ft grandpa from the corner of their eye! or hear a booming voice from time to time, but it all sounds very far away. the general idea is that they're aware someone's out there, but can't pin him down.
the way your character interacts with north be left up to you, the player! as you can see this is one giant grey area, there's no set way this has to play out.

they believe in santa. that's it. there is no ambiguous wording for this.
all believers can see, hear, and touch north! as in, they can interact with him like they would with any other character.
the exception to this belief system are supernatural characters, specifically spirits, ghosts, or gods (not necessarily mutants, vampires, or monsters) who can interact with north regardless of their beliefs. feel free to have your character notice he's a spirit, and north can also sense the same!

code by jerky@dw, modified

Please know that none of this is set in stone! Characters are more than welcome to switch from one category to another if you feel it's reasonable. I don't claim to be an expert in the Rise of the Guardian's beliefs mechanics in the slightest, so if you feel that your character is due for a "level switch", lemme know and I'll roll with it! It can also work the other way around, where their belief in Santa is shattered for whatever reason (gasp!).

If you have any questions, we can work it out together!! Thanks for your time, it means a lot. c:

half this post (with permission) comes from an amazing jack over here. alice u r gr8.

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Your name: Gato
Character Name & Journal: Pearl (beyourrock)
Canon: Steven Universe
Belief Level: Half-believer

Why this level? Pearl has been on Earth for a few thousand years. And in the past 20+ years, she has been taking into consideration of human customs and traditions. For example, she celebrates the New Year with Steven, a young boy whom she takes care of. She tries to humor him in his customs, such as holidays, and even birthdays, but she is very awkward when it comes to actually experiencing them. She finds some earth holidays to be strange, compared to her life on Homeworld, which is very dull compared to Earth.

Pearl experiences these holidays due to Steven helping her along. She's willing to try them out, but she hasn't quite put her heart and soul into it just yet. She's the 'seeing is believing' type, and tends to favor hard cold facts over opinions, for the most part, unless her own passionate feelings get in the way.

Anything else? I believe she could see flickers of North here or there in the visible realm, but, for the most part she wouldn't be able to see him. However, I'm sure she could hear him just fine. And possibly think she's going mad in the process.
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[personal profile] headlining 2016-03-08 01:19 am (UTC)(link)
Your name: Crystal
Character Name & Journal: Keats | [personal profile] headlining
Canon: Folklore
Belief Level: It's...complicated. I'd say half-believer because of circumstances explained below!

Why this level? Okay, I have to explain a THING. A very BIG thing. Basically, Keats is canonly 10000% logical Agent Scully material who dismisses every single magical thing he sees as nothing more than hallucinations/petty sleight of the hand tricks/weather balloons/what have you. "But Crystal," you say, "wouldn't that make him a non-believer?" To which I say, "well, the fact of the matter is, uh, Keats is entirely a magical being himself."

Basically, Keats is in absolute denial over his magical nature - he desperately clings to his own belief that he's human and refuses to acknowledge anything magical even though he knows the truth about himself. He's something called a Half-Life in his canon - it's basically an undead magical creature/spirit of sorts that is created through the deep desire of a human being. An imaginary friend ghost, of sorts. SO BASICALLY even though outwardly he comes off as a cynical non-believer, he's constantly struggling with accepting his true magical identity. (And, funny enough, he ALSO can't be seen/heard/talked to if people don't believe in magic, which makes him very similar to North!)

Anything else? questions? comments? Keats will probably hear North's voice or catch quick glimpses of him, and may play along with it (like in an "oh, haha, I'm having a funny dream, why not talk to Santa Claus" way). Besides that, until he accepts his own true nature, he probably won't be able to see North entirely for who he is.

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[personal profile] aspearation 2016-03-08 01:33 am (UTC)(link)
Your name: Tess
Character Name & Journal: Undyne (aspearation)
Canon: Undertale
Belief Level: believer

Why this level? Well, her father-figure dresses up as Santa, her best friend 200% believes in Santa, and I'm going to go with the headcanon that she believes in Santa overall, but is skeptical on his ability to deliver presents to monsters.

Anything else? Undyne, if you can believe it, isn't human, and is in fact made of magic. Please don't hesitate to shoot me a PM if you want to know more about this, but he's welcome to sense her magical nature.
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[personal profile] strictdiscipline 2016-03-08 02:03 am (UTC)(link)
Your name: valbo
Character Name & Journal: Riza Hawkeye ([personal profile] strictdiscipline)
Canon: FMA
Belief Level: Non-believer, why not

Why this level? BECAUSE IT'S MORE FUN THIS WAY and you said I could. If I need an actual reason -- "my character's too logical for this". But mostly it's more fun this way.

Anything else? love me jay
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[personal profile] riastraid 2016-03-08 02:11 am (UTC)(link)
Your name: nu
Character Name & Journal: lancer (riastraid)
Canon: fate/
Belief Level: believurrr

Why this level? mutual spirits!!!

Anything else? nu was here, jay is a loser

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[personal profile] babbylon 2016-03-08 02:37 am (UTC)(link)
Your name: Seth
Character Name & Journal: Gilgamesh ([personal profile] babbylon)
Canon: Fate/
Belief Level: N/A; outside the system

Why this level? Gilgamesh is a fellow Heroic Spirit! While in truth he's indifferent to Santa's existence, as a rule he must indirectly believe in him to some degree because... well, he kind of has to, since St. Nicholas' legend stems from his own and he's like kind (Gilgamesh was the very first "Spirit"). He's also a god and thus outside the parameters anyway. Basically, you're stuck with him seeing you, sorry.

Anything else? Santa would and should read him as particularly powerful, as far as Spirits go. He rules over all Spirits and won't let him forget it!

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[personal profile] gutpunching 2016-03-08 03:08 am (UTC)(link)
Your name: ambi
Character Name & Journal: Jason Todd @ [personal profile] gutpunching
Canon: DC comics
Belief Level: nonbeliever

Why this level? santa's for babies that's why

Anything else? lets do this jay
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[personal profile] keeper 2016-03-08 03:17 am (UTC)(link)
Your name: emily
Character Name & Journal: Aqua ★ [personal profile] keeper
Canon: Kingdom Hearts
Belief Level: Half/Believer???

Why this level? Nightmare Before Christmas???!!! Didn't show up in BBS???!!! But it's the same bullshit, Squeenix/Disney universe... Also more importantly, more characters need to be able to see Santa so I'm willing to sacrifice canon accuracy for this. >:c

Anything else? yolooooooooo
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[personal profile] adlantisag 2016-03-08 04:01 am (UTC)(link)
Your name: Luna
Character Name & Journal: Kida ([personal profile] adlantisag)
Canon: Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Belief Level: non-believer!


That said--if someone who DID believe/was able to interact with North told her he was real, she would probably move into half-believer, maybe even full believer territory. Basically, she's open to everything, and "there's a jolly fat man in a red suit who delivers gifts to children" is genuinely not outside of the realm of possibility for her. The surface is a crazy place.

Anything else? probably older than him tbh.

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[personal profile] selfimage 2016-03-08 03:07 pm (UTC)(link)
Your name: veronica
Character Name & Journal: Loki [personal profile] selfimage
Canon: Marvel Earth-616
Belief Level: Believer

Why this level? Loki is a product of story and myth. he's much like a construct that's created by the will of the universe/ideas/resonance. it binds him together in a neat little quantum asgardian package. he'd get the whole "beliefs resonate" sort of thing, and wouldn't even blink an eyelash at it. (though there will prob be some fussy non-holiday cheer. WHO CARVES THE YULE LOG BYE.)

Anything else? please teach him the meaning of christmas.

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[personal profile] humerous 2016-03-08 05:46 pm (UTC)(link)
Your name: Kiva!
Character Name & Journal:
Sans/this one right here
Canon: undertale
Belief Level: non-believer

Why this level? idk it's funny to me since he's the only undertale who won't see him

though mostly it's a human holiday adopted into monster culture for some reason and he's been signing christmas presents as from santa for years to protect his brother's innocence...

so ofc he KNOWS santa doesn't exist (surprise yes he does)

Anything else? he gave some presents to people in december signed as from santa idk if that has any relevancy :u

Character Name & Journal: Ranmaru Rindou / [personal profile] unoradinary
Canon: Good Luck Girl!
Belief Level: Half

Why this level? her dad never would have let her believe in stuff like that from the getgo and he's not exactly as prominent a figure in japan as other countries but

she's very open minded and did directly say to someone here she doesn't think he exists back home but anything's possible here considering the amount of crazy stuff going on so

Anything else? n/a but she's gonna ask him to run with having asked her to hand out like 80 kigurumis
pls roll with it for the children's innocence santa-san
that and some very naive adults
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[personal profile] hellshaped 2016-03-08 07:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Your name: Theresa
Character Name & Journal: Hellboy ([personal profile] hellshaped)
Canon: Hellboy/BPRD
Belief Level: Half-believer kind of

Why this level? OK SO what I have done in the past with ROTG characters is this: Hellboy is technically a nonbeliever, but his status as a demon of some note (he is technically a prince) means he is susceptible to Some Stuff. Details below......

Anything else? He'll be able to be able to vaguely pinpoint where North is in a room, though he might be off by a foot or so. He won't be able to see him properly (kind of a peripheral vision deal) and can unreliably hear him like someone talking through a wall. When he is drunk, he'll be able to see/hear/touch him like normal, though.

Character Name & Journal: Rick Sanchez ([personal profile] ricksybusiness)
Canon: Rick & Morty
Belief Level: nonbeliever 100%

Why this level? Too logical, sorry bout it
Edited (maybe i'll just do them both in one comment) 2016-03-08 19:46 (UTC)

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[personal profile] jamminshield 2016-03-08 08:31 pm (UTC)(link)
Your name: Gore
Character Name & Journal: Steven Quartz Universe
Canon: Steven Universe
Belief Level: (Then I Saw Her Face, Now I'm a) Believer

Why this level? Steven is a cinnamon roll child, and during the Christmas event I did establish that he does celebrate Christmas and believe in Santa Claus! (Now I just have to hope canon doesn't joss me on this) In fact, he did meet Ranmaru Rindou in a Santa costume and was convinced that she was the actual (and surprisingly buff) Santa!

Anything else? Not that I can think of!


Character Name & Journal: Dick Gumshoe
Canon: Ace Attorney
Belief Level: Half-Believer

Why this level? Because it will be more hilarious for Gumshoe to have just brief glimpses and such of him at first. AA doesn't give any precedent as far as I can recall about him and Santa. I wouldn't put it past him to still believe in Santa, but I feel that it's possible for him to be wavering somewhere in the middle, and he's gullible enough that I think it won't be too long before he can be made into a true believer.

Anything else? I think mostly just briefly seeing/hearing North? Maybe growing more regular over time if he manages to figure out what the deal is? I can work with whatever!

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[personal profile] dishearten 2016-03-09 01:01 am (UTC)(link)
Your name: Katy
Character Name & Journal: sheriff graham / dishearten
Canon: OUAT
Belief Level: believes!

Why this level? graham is a fairytale character himself, yo. he figures the guy exists somewhere, though he probably isn't expecting to meet him, and he probably assumes the story is different than the one in Christmas carols.

Anything else? nah son

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[personal profile] winces 2016-03-09 10:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Your name: lena
Character Name & Journal: olivia @ [personal profile] winces
Canon: fire emblem: awakening
Belief Level: believer

Why this level? someone told her he existed and she was like k cool :'|b

Anything else?
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[personal profile] onblackwings 2016-03-09 10:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Your name: Liz
Character Name & Journal: Khisanth / onblackwings
Canon: Dragonlance
Belief Level: non-believer

Why this level? what the fuck is "christmas"

TO BE FAIR she would have zero problems believing he existed if someone explained him to her, because hey weirder things have happened, she just.. what is... reindeer? presents? every year?? who has time

Anything else? ghostville let's do this I'M READY

Character Name & Journal: Ana Ramir / [personal profile] heavyhitter
Canon: original
Belief Level: nonbeliever/half-believer

Why this level? she knows what Christmas is, that's a step in the right direction, and she is basically willing to believe in any kind of shenanigan at all. It'd pretty much just take a spark of a suggestion and she'd be like OH YEAH SURE THAT'S PROBABLY THAT ONE MYTHOLOGICAL FIGURE IN RED.

Anything else? i think i'll start with faint maybe-glimpses and what is that sound???s, and WORK UP FROM THERE?

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[personal profile] apoptotic 2016-03-12 08:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Your name: alcy
Character Name & Journal: anakin skywalker / apoptotic
Canon: star wars
Belief Level: the fuck is a santa aka he maybe won't doubt once informed but it's important that he be informed

Why this level? there is no christmas in a galaxy far, far away ok the only present he received as a child was…nothing. he got nothing.

Anything else? anakins is deeply attuned to the force, which I imagine would be having a field day around north because spirit. how much anakin could sense, if anything, I'll leave up to you. in case you need it, I've written out his abilities here, but the long and short of it is the force is absurd let them get drinks and he'll tell north all about it one day.

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[personal profile] digophelia 2016-03-14 02:25 am (UTC)(link)
Your name: Natalie
Character Name & Journal: Alice Liddell ([personal profile] digophelia)
Canon: American McGee's Alice
Belief Level: Believer

Why this level? Alice is pretty open to the imaginary still at this age, she still incorporates Wonderland, even as an adult, despite it being more of a coping mechanism. The Victorian equivalent of Santa wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility to her, especially in this game. She's pretty open to the spiritual, and well, frankly, she has bits of her old self.

Anything else? Nothing at all, but should anything problematic pop up, lemme know so I can amend it!
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[personal profile] ackingcraycray 2016-03-15 01:47 am (UTC)(link)
Your name: Kabby
Character Name & Journal: Mabel Pines ([personal profile] ackingcraycray
Canon: Gravity Falls
Belief Level: Half Believer

Why this level? She's too old to be buying into the Santa line even for a sparkly genki cloud cuckoolander, but the things she's seen in Gravity Falls means that she's 90% more open to the idea of any myth or legend actually being true. She kind of expects it now tbh. But someone with the notoriety (and commercial abuse) of Santa Claus, she would have to see evidence of to be convinced.

Anything else? I demand cheek kisses

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[personal profile] keystaff 2016-03-16 09:07 am (UTC)(link)
Your name: Caprica
Character Name & Journal: Sakura Kinomoto l [personal profile] keystaff
Canon: Cardcaptor Sakura
Belief Level: Believer

Why this level? Because she is still young. It's not exactly specified whether her older brother has yet actually ruined Santa/Bunny/Tooth Fairy for her yet so I'm going with that she definitely seems the type to still believe! She's got that much faith and optimism for it! And hell, she believed in magic and is magic herself, so. It works. Even if Christmas isn't as HUGE a thing in Japan, I imagine she still knows of him and the holiday/legend regardless.

Anything else? Not sure if one or both of them might sort of be able to sense the other in some way, since Sakura herself is a Magical Girl and all. Santa would probably be hella more powerful in comparison to her though.

& for Sorey!

Character Name & Journal: Sorey l [personal profile] historiology
Canon: Tales of Zestiria
Belief Level: Half-Believer

Why this level? Christmas etc isn't a Thing in Glenwood. At least, as far as we know. But at the same time, Sorey is definitely open to and aware of the supernatural and the like, highly attuned to it through having grown up among the seraphim (they're like elemental spirits sort of thing). So he can see and hear things most others can't. I imagine over time he could definitely be nudged to being a Believer! He'd definitely be enthusiastic about the idea of Christmas once someone told him. All over any excuse to spoil his friends with presents etc.

Anything else? Going to say Sorey can probably catch glimpses of him, can probably at least hear him most if not all the time?

....hey it wouldn't hardly be the first time everyone else thought he was nuts supposedly talking and reacting to thin air (thanks seraphim bffs).

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mettacrusher: tumblr - feredir (i just wanna change x5)

[personal profile] mettacrusher 2016-03-16 10:16 am (UTC)(link)
Your name: Clocks
Character Name & Journal: Mettaton | [personal profile] mettacrusher
Canon: Undertale
Belief Level: Non-believer

Why this level? Obsessed with the Surface-world as he is, the Underground also practices some Christmas-time shenanigans revolving around people decorating deer-monsters and the King dressing up as Santa. That combined with all the Christmas media he's probably seen, he's under the impression that Santa is just a role, not a person.

Like James Bond. Why else would there be so many different actors?

Anything else? buuuuuuuut (spoilers) Mettaton is also a ghost. Well. A ghost monster. Before becoming corporeal, it was all the same basic shtick one would imagine for a ghost: turn invisible, walk through walls, barely able to interact with physical world, ghost-sandwiches... Would this count as still being able to see him as a fellow spirit? (and by god, he will pay Nick to never mention it to anyone IT'S A SECRET)
Edited 2016-03-16 10:18 (UTC)

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[personal profile] respired 2016-03-18 07:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Your name: lyn
Character Name & Journal: Koltira Deathweaver | [personal profile] respired
Canon: Warcraft

Why this level? a christmas analogue exists and he's aware of a guy who looks pretty much exactly like traditional depictions of santa lmao .. but he's also undead, and highly attuned to spirits / magic in general (as all elves are)

Anything else? questions? comments? from all this i'm gonna go ahead and conclude that koltira can see and interact w/ your guy! the same would apply for my other one, anduin ([personal profile] fearward); he's just a regular human, but he believes fully in the spirit of winter veil etc
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[personal profile] grunehexe 2016-03-19 02:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Your name: Rizu
Character Name & Journal: Sieglinde Sullivan [[personal profile] grunehexe]
Canon: Kuroshitsuji
Belief Level: Believer (Mostly)

Why this level? Though she didn't grow up with any St. Nic related stories or even celebrate Christmas, during the festivities in Chantes other characters told her about Santa as if he was real and no one thought to burst her bubble once she started thinking that, so she just assumes that Santa Claus exists and is some sort of magical creature in other peoples' worlds. ... Admittedly said characters also let her just think that Santa was kind of a weirdo who broke into homes and might have some crazy magic to know how kids had behaved and to travel the world in a night, but. Eh???

Anything else? She def. wants to know how he does that, btw.
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[personal profile] likemyfatherbeforeme 2016-04-05 04:38 am (UTC)(link)
Your name: Bee
Character Name & Journal: Luke Skywalker / [personal profile] likemyfatherbeforeme
Canon: Star Wars
Belief Level: non-est of the non-believers

Why this level? Like his father before him, Luke has no clue wtf Xmas is. BUT. If he was told he'd more than likely believe because why not? It's a big universe and there are stranger things out there. He only needs someone to actually tell him about it.

Anything else? Again, like Anakin, Luke has super crazy, super strong Force powers. Unlike Anakin, he has like no idea how to consciously use them. So he may be able to get a 'feeling' if North is around and he can't see him, but that's probably it. Just a vague feeling of a presence and that said presence is good.

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