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[personal profile] riastraid 2016-05-22 04:46 am (UTC)(link)
[ no it's too late, enjoy the violence ]

you tell me, claws -- why do you think a goddess of death and war follows anyone around?

[ spoilers: it's because he's awesome at it. ]

don't count yourself out, you're pretty handy with the swashbuckling. maybe if we try our very best we'll turn out juuuust fine.
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she did call it love... well, either way, i wasn't interested. [ in her promise of victory, war, or affection. ]

you must've broken a few hearts yourself, eh? once upon a time?

[ and it's okay, they can be bad at idioms together. flying livestock!!! all equally ridiculous, who can keep it straight. he senses nothing wrong with this. ]

oh come on, we'll never know until we try :) [ that is to say they'll probably die!! horribly :) :) :) ]