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fine you're tasteless trash and you listen to kpop because you're an abomination!!!!! is that better

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[ There's that. But he's not really the type to wait around for an ideal solution, and there's the genocide besides.

And that's all very heavy. He has North's answer—or enough to piece it together—so... ]

you ever duke it out with one before?
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[ It's true, why does this keep happening, why can't they just go back to the halcyon days of punching sharks and laughing about it.

Anyway, he's usually kind of sparse on the details, but what the hey. ]

a goddess of death. i'd trade you.
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[ morrigan and 7 lava giants in exchange for the boogeyman, it's a deal.

there's a slight pause where lancer makes a face at the memory. ]

it was a good fight, but she'd always kinda creeped around me... should've chased her off earlier.

but i don't think i'd stand a chance as i am now.
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[ no it's too late, enjoy the violence ]

you tell me, claws -- why do you think a goddess of death and war follows anyone around?

[ spoilers: it's because he's awesome at it. ]

don't count yourself out, you're pretty handy with the swashbuckling. maybe if we try our very best we'll turn out juuuust fine.
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she did call it love... well, either way, i wasn't interested. [ in her promise of victory, war, or affection. ]

you must've broken a few hearts yourself, eh? once upon a time?

[ and it's okay, they can be bad at idioms together. flying livestock!!! all equally ridiculous, who can keep it straight. he senses nothing wrong with this. ]

oh come on, we'll never know until we try :) [ that is to say they'll probably die!! horribly :) :) :) ]