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NAME: Nicholas St. North
CANON: Rise of the Guardians (movies)
AGE: physically (around) his 70s, it's implied in the movies Santa began to exist as the Dark Ages ended, which would put him at about 1000 years old, give or take a century.
APPEARANCE: russian santa with tattoos alternate fur jacket.
CANON POINT: post movie.

BACKGROUND: a general plot of the movie, North's roles

As he is a children's movie character, he doesn't have a lot of background for himself aside from "this is Santa Claus". While the creators have an accompanying set of books that are a prequel (hover for quote) to the movie, there are a number of discrepancies between what is seen in the movie and what is in the books. So I'll only be taking him from mostly movies, while borrowing bits of his origins (but not the events of the books themselves) and abilities from the books!


North and Santa Claus are the same people — actually, it's always been North; Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, Saint Nick and Father Christmas are just names that came along later. While he's still the man who delivers the toys to children on Christmas Eve with an unconditional love for milk and cookies, he's also the heavily accented Russian swords master that has two large tattoos on his forearms. It's incredibly easy to describe him as a weird, ridiculous version of Santa that doesn't seem to quite grasp every joke and sarcasm thrown in his direction. But there's more even more to Nicholas St. North than just that — he even says so himself in the movie, using a matryoshka doll of himself to prove the point. Surprisingly, that actually does a fantastic jab at describing him.
❝ Here. This is how you see me, no? Very big, intimidating...❞
For argument's sake, let's say someone ran into North for the first time without knowing he was Santa; with his booming voice and towering height, the poor person would start wondering what kind of debt he hadn't paid off. Complete with a pair of swords and tattoos running down his arms, it's not hard to see why people could get the wrong idea; his never-ending confidence only adds to this. North knows he's intimidating — of course he does — he uses this (the height, the booming voice, the presence) to his advantage ( him interrogating Jack at the start of the movie being a primary example of this ). It's hard to ignore someone with his kind of presence — between other fairy tale figure heads like the Sandman, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny, there's a reason why North acts as the de-facto leader ( granted, with varying degrees of success ). His fame as Santa Claus sure has a lot to do with it, yes, but he's also a natural born leader, confidence and charisma running in his veins like no other.

And then there's his pride and stubbornness; he's argues with the Easter Bunny about which holiday is more important ( Christmas, obviously ), while blatantly ignoring the Sandman's call for attention to more important matters. North is a freight train coming at top speed once he believes in something, and he's nearly impossible to stop until something blow up in his face. He's quick to get wrapped up in his own agenda, easily dismissing other's concerns because, well, his idea is the best, obviously'; Santa shouldn't be described as self-centered, but he is. The only reason this is acceptable is because while he'll get dismissive, it's painfully obvious to see that he really means no harm — in fact, most of the time, he means well. Even his friends have learned to deal with the man's ridiculousness with rolled eyes and fond resignation. And let's be real: it's probably impossible to stay humble after the constant love and adoration he receives from every children on earth.
❝ But if you get to know me a little? Well, go on.❞
❝ You are... down right jolly? ❞
❝ But not just jolly!❞
Just underneath the confidence and intimidation — the surface level impressions and appearances — is North's jolliness doll. There's a reason his joyous personality has found itself in every single myth and tale. There's no other way to describe North's rosy cheeks and brightly-lit blue eyes, the booming Ho, Ho, Ho! and never ending optimism. North absolutely thrives in company, whether they're strangers or friends — because let's be real, strangers are just friends that he hasn't made yet ( unless their intent is to harm ). This is the Santa everyone's definitely more familiar with; the one that's more than happy to lose his titles and formalities to get silly. But he'll also take it further than the tales to play pranks, plan over-the-top celebrations without bothering to get any sort of approval, and throw awful, butchered sayings that'll make everyone groan inside. His never-ending cheerfulness and his general inability to see a limit is two very, very dominant parts of North. Besides, jolliness, in moderate doses ( something North definitely is not ), is a kid-friendly concept.
❝ I am also mysterious,❞
But as upfront and dramatic North is, he's also very mysterious; the third doll. He's more than happy to talk about himself, who he is, the title he carries, but he's less inclined to share what kind of person he was. He cares a lot about the secrecy that comes with being a Guardian, and takes his role very, very seriously. His image is also paramount to him, and in that regard he can ... well, he can be a little vain. Though really, a man as confident and proud as he is should be going around announcing who he is to the world, but he doesn't, because he's aware the moment he makes himself known, he can't do what he's supposed to do as a Guardian. He prefers to be a myth, holed up in his workshop day and night; North keeps Yetis posted as guards, making sure no one can bother his sanctuary. He's welcoming to those he invites, and certainly upfront to anyone he wishes, but anyone nosy enough to try and pry for more can get out.
❝ and fearless,❞
There are a few who know of North's origins. Before he was Santa, he was a Cossack — the strongest swords master in the world, and the most powerful leader of bandits in Russia; if he has to fight, he will fight until his very last breath. Back then, he fought for himself, for the enjoyment of it; but as people change, his motivations have also changed. Now, he fights for his friends, the children, and those who need his protection — the weak and the meek. But this doesn't mean that he's become any more cautious; he still laughs at the face of danger, and just as reckless as he is fearless — just as the fourth doll describes him. It's hard to tell the difference more often times than not; there's the ridiculous things, like doing loop-de-loops to launch his sleigh out of the North Pole just because he wants to, or giving Jack ( a first-time sleigh driver ) the reins before jumping in to fight. He's also unbelievably competitive, and he goes as far as to gloat in everyone's faces when he collects more teeth (for the Tooth Fairy) than anyone else. But he also raises his sword against Pitch's army when his powers are gone and he's hopelessly outnumbered — the warrior mentality of fearlessness and honor has never left North.
❝ and caring-❞
While everything up to this point, from the pride to his jolliness, has always been something that came about him naturally, love had always been something he learned. Only then did he learn how to lend a hand, to find joy in giving, rather than taking — to care, as his fourth doll shows. There's a reason one of North's many titles is Father Christmas; he's the father figure for many of those around him, and he excels in being a catalyst for other's developments — within the context of the movie, he was a fantastic father figure to Jack. He lives up to the trope pretty well, complete with the ridiculous jokes, and the a sharp perceptiveness that fathers seem to magically possess ( all the while being completely blind about other things ). But at the same time, he'd probably make a terrible father — the most obvious example being when he's completely clueless what to do with Jamie's sister when she gets dropped into the Easter Bunny's Warren.
❝ And at my center?❞
❝ ... There's a tiny wooden baby❞
❝ Look closer. What do you see? ❞
❝ You have big eyes?❞
❝ Yes! Big eyes. Very big. Because they are full of wonder!

That is my center. ❞
And at the center of it all — both literally and figuratively, something that has found its way into every single version of Santa Claus is wonder. The ability to see the miracle even in the smallest of things, find delight in things that may seem trivial. North, before Santa Claus, Father Christmas, or a warrior, is the Guardian of Wonder; and after a title like Santa Claus it may not mean much, but to the man himself, it's what makes him Nicholas St. North. Discovering the magic in the first snowfall of the year, the excitement the night right before Christmas day, appreciating each friend that will always come to one's aid; because North is able to appreciate the wonder in this world, he's the one entrusted to protect it in the children. Some call it naive, or even childish — but wonder is what will has, and will continue to drive North.


master swordsman
Before North took his role as Santa, he was the youngest and most powerful bandit leader ( a Cossack ) to roam all of Russia. His swordplay became something of a legend at the time; it was said that he once defeated an entire regiment of calvary with a bent steak knife-while he was eating. Even now, his physical condition is beyond human capabilities, as he's capable of leaping easily from rooftop to rooftop while definitely holding his own in a fight.

There are nothing special about his swords, aside from the fact that they were Tsar Lunar XI's legendary weapons entrusted to him. As cool as it sounds, they're regular swords at the end of the day.

The extent of his magic aren't outlined at all in the movie, but it can be assumed North is a fairly talented magic user in his own way. While it's safe to assume that it's mostly used to create toys, fulfill his duties as Santa Claus, or serve his own amusement - for the sake of the game I'll try to outline the few things he does in the movie.
• His first appearance involves him making a small, ice train fly around the room. He also locks doors using what appears to be his mind.
• He holds complete control of his flying reindeer sleigh, which also seems to stem from his magic.
• There's also the snow globes he keeps with him, that create a portal to any location (including other worlds!), as long as the location is said out loud.
• He sometimes gets omens from his belly; they're nothing concrete, just good/bad feelings he gets about an event that may happen in the future, his actions, etc. It's not even proper magic and he definitely doesn't control it, but it did predict the reappearance of Pitch Black in the movie, so it's noteworthy(?).
This probably makes North a telekinetic(?), animator and teleporter (given his snowglobes are here with him), and I'm more than willing to keep this from becoming game breaking:
• He cannot animate anything bigger than a car for more than 30 minutes, and can only have 2 animations going on at the same time. If the animated object in question is smaller than a household cat, he can have up to 5 with the same time limit.
• His snowglobe cannot teleport him out of the world he's currently in, and have a hard distance limit of 1KM in any direction.
All of this is, of course, up for discussion!

This goes hand in hand with wizard, but he's a tinkerer and builder at heart, from things as simple as toy trains to more complicated things like a robot. How he does it is a mystery in itself, but he's pretty good at what he does.

international translator
He speaks a heavily accented English as well as Russian. But! He also speaks almost all bug languages, hamster, and fluent leech. Apparently, the best way to find out if a child has been naughty or nice is to ask through their pets ( I'm not sure what kind of child keeps leeches as pets ).

a guardian of wonder
Thanks to his Guardian status, North is a near-immortal spirit. Age isn't an issue, he doesn't have to eat and drink to survive (though he really does love cookies and fruit cake), breathing's not exactly a necessity, and while sleeping's nice, it's not on the top list of his priorities. Fatal injuries won't kill him, but it will make him weak enough to keep him bed-ridden for a while.

What is a Guardian? They're spirits ( what they were before they were spirits doesn't really matter ), chosen by the Man in the Moon (MiM) to protect the the children; but not in the traditional sense. They each guard an aspect of what makes a child stay a child, so to speak — hope, fun, dreams, memories, and wonder. What they do also puts out each "aspect" into the world again. North is the Guardian of Wonder, as he's able to see the wonder in everything around him. His job as "Santa Claus" allows him to travel around the world in near-impossible speed to deliver presents to every good child on Earth, thus allowing them to experience the wonder of opening presents on Christmas day.

He also has the power to edit the "good" and "naughty" list on his arms (yeah, that's what they are) any time he wishes. No, this will probably never be used in the game.

the catch
While being a Guardian means near-immortality, the keyword is near. Guardians must rely heavily on the concept of belief, as their whole existence serves to protect those that believe in them — in other words, the children. Their powers are heavily linked to just how many believers there are on Earth — the more believers there are, the more powerful the Guardians will be. However, as soon as the numbers start decreasing, they begin to feel the effects immediately with a loss of their powers. Once enough people stop believing in Santa, his near-immortality disappears. When there aren't any believers left, he'll fade out of existence. To keep his powers consistent while they hop from world to world, I'll keep this catch from affecting him while he's in game (though if necessary, I can keep a cap on the number of times he can receive a fatal injury before "dies"!). In return —

North is also completely invisible to those that don't believe in him. To non-believers, he's completely invisible and intangible; a ghost. However, other spirits and believers will be able to see him no problem; he can always interact with objects too as necessary. There will be a permissions post up for players! (it'll look something like this)


his clothes, which involves black pants and a Christmas sweater, boots, hat, as well as a long winter coat (with a million pockets)
2 swords (Shashkas)
a questionable number (2) of magical snow globes that let him travel to anywhere he wishes (minus all the world hopping)
a ring on his right thumb


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