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santa is invisible: permissions

Surprise! Santa Claus is real. He's just a 7ft Russian swordsmaster who has tattoos on his arms, and goes by "Nicholas St. North" instead of any other name you might be familiar with. He's also a spirit; a Guardian, to be exact. And the canon he's from (Rise of the Guardians) has it so that only individuals that believe can directly interact with a Guardian. This means to non-believers, Nicholas St. North is just some name on the network that they, strangely enough, won't see/hear/touch/etc - as much as he tries to get their attention. To believers, North is just a really strange version of Santa, but otherwise he's definitely real!

As this will (obviously) heavily impact how his interactions and CR play out, so below is a handy-dandy form for you to let me know just where your character falls on this belief-scale! Feel free to repeat for however many characters you have. If you're canon blind, no worries, I also have a table to give you an idea of what each of the different "levels" mean -


do not believe in North, and are unaware/dismiss the idea of santa. they can be very spiritual or magical people, and/or believe in the Tooth Fairy, Sand Man, Easter Bunny, or even Jack Frost, but they don't think santa exists.
these characters cannot see, hear, or touch North. to north, it looks something like this.
they can still interact using every other indirect method possible (including the network)! north can still interact with objects normally, and characters can definitely see the objects being interacted with provided it's not something north explicitly owns (ie, his swords and any clothes/accessories on him). i also tend to assume psychic powers (like telepathy) will still work on him, but if you'd like to place restrictions that's totally cool.
if you ever wanted your character to believe in ghosts, here's your chance.

characters here might be slowly moving from non-believer to believer status, or the other way around.
or, they might be characters who figure anything's possible, or are familiar with/aware of some christmas (or wondrous/joyous) spirit, but this belief doesn't include santa specifically. they could be told that santa is here with them, but have yet to believe it for themselves. or they know north exists, but they don't realize north is santa.
these characters can't completely see, hear, or touch north, but they may catch glimpses of a 7ft grandpa from the corner of their eye! or hear a booming voice from time to time, but it all sounds very far away. the general idea is that they're aware someone's out there, but can't pin him down.
the way your character interacts with north be left up to you, the player! as you can see this is one giant grey area, there's no set way this has to play out.

they believe in santa. that's it. there is no ambiguous wording for this.
all believers can see, hear, and touch north! as in, they can interact with him like they would with any other character.
the exception to this belief system are supernatural characters, specifically spirits, ghosts, or gods (not necessarily mutants, vampires, or monsters) who can interact with north regardless of their beliefs. feel free to have your character notice he's a spirit, and north can also sense the same!

code by jerky@dw, modified

Please know that none of this is set in stone! Characters are more than welcome to switch from one category to another if you feel it's reasonable. I don't claim to be an expert in the Rise of the Guardian's beliefs mechanics in the slightest, so if you feel that your character is due for a "level switch", lemme know and I'll roll with it! It can also work the other way around, where their belief in Santa is shattered for whatever reason (gasp!).

If you have any questions, we can work it out together!! Thanks for your time, it means a lot. c:

half this post (with permission) comes from an amazing jack over here. alice u r gr8.

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Your name: emily
Character Name & Journal: Aqua ★ [personal profile] keeper
Canon: Kingdom Hearts
Belief Level: Half/Believer???

Why this level? Nightmare Before Christmas???!!! Didn't show up in BBS???!!! But it's the same bullshit, Squeenix/Disney universe... Also more importantly, more characters need to be able to see Santa so I'm willing to sacrifice canon accuracy for this. >:c

Anything else? yolooooooooo