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[community profile] epidemiologyCHARACTERS: Peter & Ramir
DATE: Backdated to 8/18
SUMMARY: Moving rocks for science.

there is probably a they might be giants song about this )

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[community profile] axiologyinsert funny gif here, I can't find one at the moment, oh no

Hello, Futuro!! My name's Styx and I'm a total newbie to your ranks, convinced to app by CERTAIN PEOPLE who know who they are ajodfjap. I've apped good ol' Akira Kurusu here, the protagonist of that most recent game about purse owners or something like that. He's a pretty quiet kid at first glance, but his supply of witty quips and sass is pretty endless. His do-gooder heart makes him a pretty good pick for ALASTAIR'S ranks honestly, and I'm super excited to be playing him here!

oocly I'm on plurk at [ profile] rogueclass so plz feel free to hit me up there if you wish. NICE TO MEET YA'LL and I look forward to being here c:!

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  • Sep. 16th, 2017 at 11:28 AM
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[community profile] futurology[This message shows up about an hour after their arrival in the Mothership. Keith has had it made clear to him that if he doesn't handle this appropriately, then some of the people who have volunteered will take care of it themselves. If there's any better reason to step up (to be the leader his team back home believes he can be), this is it. It's text because they can't risk being overheard.]

Hey. Some of you don't know what the taraxa are, or what that has to do with our mission. I thought I'd begin there, and then make it clear what we're doing here with that.

A year ago, we had a mission on Perdition's Rest. That's when our team first learned about Zymandis and their goals. They utilize taraxa agents. These agents are slugs that take over someone's mind against their will. The person loses themselves, but ALASTAIR has developed a means to get most of them back. The problem is that they're a part of a hive mind led by the Mother. They can communicate with each other so long as she's active.

That should make our goal here clear.

1. We need to identify the location of the Mother and take her out. This is a necessary casualty to save as many of the hosts' lives as we can.

2. We need to identify taraxa agents. Kal and Rhys both have means to scan for taraxa-affected brains. Work with them if you need someone confirmed. Once they're confirmed and the Mother is down, we put them to sleep until we can rift them back to Oska. We'll need to find a safe place to gather the bodies.

3. Once the Mother is identified, we take her out, and then we head for the rest of the taraxa agents.

We need to work quickly.

And I KNOW some of you will think we're better off killing the hosts than risking Oska, but that's stupid. They never asked for this! Plus, we put down a Zymandis force before. We'll do it again. So don't even try it. I already remember all that from last year. Trust me. I've heard it all before.

So, let's do this the right way this time.

[It wouldn't be Keith without the little bit of abrasiveness at the end.]

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*pictured: a #dayinthelife

sup futuro! i'm caitlin, a total newbie here, and i'll be bringing in gamora from that corner of the mcu that's basically been doing its own wacky, rock and roll thing, aka the guardians of the galaxy films

gamora is a highly trained and lethal warrior and assassin, a former "adopted daughter" of thanos (in short, a genocidal tyrant and an all-around really bad dude) turned two-time galaxy-saver and weary space mom to a baby tree and crew of idiots. life's made her pretty tough, and she can appear harsh at times, but she has the biggest heart of anyone around, with a want to do everything she can to save lives. she'll be coming in after the fun (read: narrowly avoiding the destruction of the universe) times of guardians of the galaxy vol 2, which i know is still a fairly recent release, so if you want to avoid spoilers or anything like that, just let me know!

you can find me on plurk at [ profile] archetypes, or on discord at lensflares#3549, for plotting, shenanigans, whatever you'd like c: so excited to be here and play with you all!


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what's up!!! hi, i'm mint, i'm totally new to the game and bringing y'all kyouichi saionji, who is the entry-level asshole in revolutionary girl utena, in that he's the worst when you first meet him but quickly loses that title to another few dirtbags. he's shirtless more often than not, and appreciates the finer things in life, like fancy cars, being exceptionally shitty to people, brooding, yanking swords out of some of those people, and crying. he's really got a lot going on.

on the ooc side of things, you can catch me on plurk at [ profile] Togamint ! i know i've been dropped in the middle of an event, here, so if you wanna plot something out with garbageboy supreme, let me know!


Tiny mini hiatus!

  • Sep. 15th, 2017 at 10:43 AM
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[community profile] axiologyJust a quick head's up to say I'm off to Cornwall to visit family for a long weekend! I'll be offline until I get back on Monday night (GMT), so apologies for anyone waiting on tags from me! I'll probably get back up to speed on Tuesday. I'll also be tagging into the mission log a little late for this reason, wait for me friends!

Have a good weekend!

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  • Sep. 14th, 2017 at 7:20 AM
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[community profile] futurologySince we're going to be leaving again soon, I have a REALLY important question for everyone. It came up recently in a couple of conversations I was having, and I think knowing everyone's answers will help us become stronger as a team! This is a safe place, so say whatever you think! There is no wrong answer. 38)

So my very important question is: what are your thoughts on puns?

text, @v3

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[community profile] futurologya couple things:
what kinda gig did you run back home? the 9-5, you know. humor me, i got a theory.
also, what's the worst ever happened taking the kitchen up on all that chow? anything?

fine, make that a FEW things, here's the one more:
if anyone got spare chicken, or animal training tips, pipe up. i'll take them all.

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[community profile] futurology[When the video feed flickers on, the team will see Asher and Connor side by side, sharply dressed and poised to deliver a pitch. Around them spans the castle’s library, its shelves looming and brimming with books and its lanterns glowing in the dimness that encourages a studious sort of quiet. A quiet that is about to come to an end as Connor opens his mouth.]

This is a public service announcement from the offices of-- [He cues the other man.]

A-Milly from over the hillyyyyyy~♪

--and Connor Walsh, attorneys at law.

[*They are not real attorneys. They have not passed the bar exam in any state, country, planet, or dimension.]

Welcome to Espionage 101, or as we prefer to call it--

[They part to reveal the easel chalkboard that waits behind them, across which Asher writes with gusto:]

--How to get away with lying. Responsibly! And not like a lil’ bitch.

[Asher finds it necessary enough to add their addendum to the title in tiny parentheses.]

Now, seeing as most of you are totez clueless when it comes to this whole fake identity thing, we’d like to give you a couple of pointers to start, so you uh. Don’t blow the whole operation and risk Zymandis kickin’ our keisters, ‘cause if ya ask me? Those guys are the definition of cray cray.

[The look Connor gives him is only half as judgmental as it could be. Why does he insist on resurrecting the most ancient of lingo… Nevertheless, he continues the spiel.]

The most basic rule of lying is: keep it simple, stupid. Elaborating doesn’t make your lie more believable, it just makes it more likely that you’ll shoot yourself in the foot by saying something moronic. Remember, anything you say can and will be used against you in space court. If these guys even believe in giving a fair trial, which they probably don’t, seeing as they’re supposed to be the bad guys.

Anyway, if someone starts asking questions, give as little as possible. You don’t have to plead the fifth, because let’s be real, most of the time that just makes you seem more shady.

[The doughier of the two nods vigorously in the background, pressing the back of his hand to his forehead and casting a shadow over his face, in an effort to provide an illustrative example.]

And because we’re the nicest people ever, we’re offerin’ our services to all of our Audentes homies, free of charge.

So. You in?

hey lil mama let me whisper in your ear

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things unspoken meme
get your dramatic confessions out before we all die on zymandis' ship

  • top level with your character(s)!
  • other characters respond and comment ICly with something they'd like to say to them (or a question for them) but haven't. or, things they have, but would like to say again.
  • go as serious ("luke, i killed your father") or as silly ("i ate your lunch out of the oska fridge once") as you like.
  • react ICly! go wild futurgoogles

    meme stolen from [community profile] etcelsior as usual thanks moms
  • ( closed. )

    • Sep. 9th, 2017 at 9:31 AM
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    [community profile] epidemiologyCHARACTERS: waynes, adoptive and otherwise
    DATE: prior to shipping out
    WARNINGS: talk of violence / deaths
    SUMMARY: suspicions are corroborated

    we live fast we die hard )

    ♠ OPEN ♠

    • Sep. 8th, 2017 at 9:31 PM
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    [community profile] epidemiologyCHARACTERS: Twisted Fate and your fine self
    DATE: pre-mission
    WARNINGS: None, at the moment.
    SUMMARY: Catch-all before mission shenanigans. Message me if you want a personalized starter.

    it's garbage day )

    video | un; sieglindesullivan

    • Sep. 8th, 2017 at 11:20 PM
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    [community profile] futurology[Here is Sieglinde Sullivan, looking far cleaner and primly dressed than she has been in quite some time. Not looking exactly pleased, but not looking as sullen as she has in her last broadcasts, either.]

    Greetings. It is I, Sieglinde Sullivan- the Green Witch.

    I know only a handful of you remain who remember the world called Chantes, but a member of our team from that time, Sebastian Michaelis, has made his way back to Audentes.

    Sebastian is a man of my own world, and you will find him both a capable servant in all domestic capacities as well as more... athletic pursuits. I can certainly vouch for his usefulness, and his availability.

    I am sure if you require modifications to the Zymandis uniforms issued for the upcoming mission, he may be of service. For example.

    However, please do not trouble him with any questions about his time since his team transfer- as he has no memory of ever being with us.

    ... I will leave you to contemplate what that means.

    [She hasn't spoken to any people about her fears regarding if they will be allowed to leave ALASTAIR with memories intact, but.

    She ends the post with a respectful dip of her head.]

    drop :(

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    [community profile] axiology as i said over on plurk, i feel like i've lost contact with this game over the past two months with my hiatus. i'm being promoted at work at the end of this month so i'll be struggling to manage my time and fear i won't be able to give the conclusion the time i'd like to!
    so, i'm dropping until season 2 to give myself time to recoup and come back stronger! <3
    sasuke also just left via sweep so i feel like this is fitting. narutos gotta go chasing him again, i guess. as for narutos cr, feel free to round it up in any way you'd like! 
    thank you for all the wonderful rp. i will miss you futuro, but i will see you again soon! <333333333


    ( closed. )

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    [community profile] epidemiologyCHARACTERS: assorted foolhardy souls
    DATE: spanning a few days
    WARNINGS: none atm; but arya and nymeria are both terrible
    SUMMARY: meetings and follow-ups; pm for a starter
    all four chambers got a different kinda beat for it. )


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    [community profile] epidemiologyCharacters: Undyne and YOU!!!
    Date: between the end of the Recollection Day feast and the start of the next mission
    Warnings: it's Undyne... but otherwise none.
    Summary: catch-all for downtime action

    Read more... )


    • Sep. 5th, 2017 at 9:57 PM
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    [community profile] epidemiologyCharacters: Feferi and ~you~
    Date: between the end of the Recollection Day feast and the start of the next mission
    Warnings: none anticipated
    Summary: catch-all for pre-mission tomfoolery

    Read more... )
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