• Jul. 20th, 2017 at 8:31 PM
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[community profile] futurology-- one moment, my lord.

[ The feed connects, and immediately reveals a number of dark, slightly-damp arrows that outline what appears to be just one more stray passage through the interior of the maze. Alongside the opening, the cooling body of something large and bestial. In frame is Ninurrta, which means Hayame must be holding the magitech. ]

Now? Oh. Everyone, Hayame and I have located the way through to the next ring of this place.

It is located in section four, near to a large lake. We have, um. Marked the path to the best of our ability.

[ By the mess on his hands, as the camera pans over him - capturing the lake in frame, before returning to the passageway in question - they've marked it with "paint". ew. ]

We do not know what lies ahead, nor will we be responsible for your lives.

So cool...

[ Judging that to be enough, Hayame lowers the magitech- but it's still filming the floor and her equine forelegs as she rustles in her pouch for something, voice muffled by the extraneous noise. ]

Please, use this to cleanse yourself, my lord. The beast's filth will contaminate you-

[ Please get magitech lessons. ]

Nn- it's fi- HaYAME -- !

( OOC - Haymaker and Neeners have located the entrance to the next layer of the maze!

The log for this is going live on the 22nd, so replies on this will be slightly delayed because of timezones and the mod calendar, yo. )


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[community profile] futurology[ tap, tap—is this thing on? ]

Well, Audentes, it’s certainly be a trip. [ and he says that with finger quotes. ] Out of the frying pan and into the fire, that should be our motto.

[ for someone stuck in a maze, Loki still manages to find his confidence. ]

As we take a stroll through the maze and await the next hit single of its proprietor, I—or we, rather—would like to share a few words with you. Our Zymandis tag-a-long has spoken with us regarding some of our curiosities.

Unlike ALASTAIR, Zymandis has a fully functional chain of command, all the way from the higher ups to the underlings. Commanders and sub-commanders and the whole bit, going all the way to the tippy top under their leader … you know—Leader. [ he’s just gonna add that right in on there as a good rub. ] They recruit based on volunteers, and have seen their own share of those slipping through the cracks in the multiverse to end up where they are. It seems that this Mavahari is indebted to them through her rescue, and has pledged her life to follow their blah blah blah rebirth narrative blah blah blah.

Not only that, but they believe that the rebirth itself will prevent the next shatter of our dear multiverse. If the entropy is allowed to play out as is, the result will be much of what happens with Surtur gets his hands on something—burnt to a crisp.

Now, we’re not here to start another back-and-forth, however … we still do have the little detail of our Zymandis stowaway. She’s a political assassin, so I’d suggest not doing much to anger her. [ he’s looking at you Thor. ] For now at least.

[ OOC NOTE | please feel free to threadjack, discuss, &c! the thread with the Zymandis agent is here for all who'd like to reference it. ]


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[community profile] axiologyJust a little head's up to those I'm tagging with, but I'm not going to have much time for RP at the beginning of this week as it's my husband's birthday, and then I'll be offline completey from Thursday through to Monday morning because I'm going on a mini-holiday to Croatia!

Normal tagging will resume on Monday.

See you then!

[Video | UN: METTATON]

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[community profile] futurology[The feed cuts to a familiar sight - it's Mettaton, darlings. He's lounging, as per usual, on what appears to be a still-standing piece of the ship. If anyone had been paying attention, it's where he's mostly been for the past few days outside of scavenging and playing nurses' assistant.]

Gooooooood evening, beauties and gentlebeauties. We've certainly been having a rough spot for a long while, now haven't we? Sure, death is imminent, things feel hopeless, yadda yadda, but why cry about broken ships when the show needs to go on?

As such, I thought it'd be a splendid idea for all of us to catch up with one another and see how our escape attempts are going. Found something interesting? Weapons, food, tools, interesting little pathways or things to avoid? Do let the rest of the class know!

As for me, you've probably noticed a little light in the sky guiding you home. [It doesn't show from the feed's angle, but for the past several days he's been projecting a star high into the sky to help keep any explorers be correctly oriented during their search.] You're welcome, by the way.

But I've ALSO come into the possession of a few little toys. [Into frame, he pulls out what looks like, and is, a pulse rifle that most certainly belonged to a prison guard at one point. He runs his hands along it like it's a game show prize.] THIS is only one of TWO that I'm willing to offer to a sweet SOUL in need of a little extra protection. For those more physical, [again, he reaches off screen and pulls out another weapon previously belonging to the guards: an electrical pike.] We have this. Don't worry, there's no price. Your adoration is its own reward. Let me know if you'd like them - first come, first serve.


So what say you, darlings? Find anything good thus far?


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[community profile] axiologyHey guys,

Caprica here. Just to let everyone know I'm going on hiatus since I'm moving end of the month and all. Things to pack, sort, clean etc and all that fun stuff. I'll be moving in around the 26th or so, hopefully with being able to sort internet by then and all without any time in between. But just in case I figured it would be a good idea to put up a hiatus. I'll be around but slower until closer to the time, just wanted to make sure I was covered in case I don't manage ac, basically.

This applies to Sakura here.


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