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of the cluster of palm trees. There should be someone there with ointment that'll help disinfect the cut.

[Somehow she replaced the username with the message she was typing. The network literally doesn't even work like this but you know what we're gonna make this happen.]
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@red. does this here b/c I'm late.

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[Jason's still not a big fan of carrying around a magical wire. But he's been following the recent network chatter quietly. Keeping current, looking for anything of particular note. Which is why shortly after North chimes in here, he gets a private ping looking for some elaboration.

Because boy, that conversation sure sounds familiar. But he was pretty sure he'd been eavesdropping solo.

You got a where & when on this argument?

[Might have been more than one. Might not. (He hasn't forgotten the fishy circumstances, either.)]
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backdated slightly to godgate 2016 ; text

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[ To say Lancer's read everything on the network is... well, close to the mark, but still generous. Skimmed, mulled, thought it over. Formed an opinion and picked a stance.

But admitting to thinking!! Unacceptable. Time for some counsel. ]

yo. you still alive, or did you die while everyone was talking?