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[personal profile] gutpunching 2016-04-25 07:05 am (UTC)(link)
[U tried, Santa. Time to get a little more direct.]

Well, unless you're secretly three foot and furry I think you might be mistaken.

[It had been a pretty empty hall, hadn't it.]
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[personal profile] gutpunching 2016-04-27 08:09 am (UTC)(link)
[Thank you for joining us in the Real World, Santa. He's since made this conclusion, but a little confirmation is good to hear. Leading North around to explain himself is generally more productive than making demands. With a measured amount of skepticism—]

You'll have to teach me that one.

[He's actually usually pretty good at that kind of thing already. But he's almost positive he would have caught on to another set of eavesdropping ears. So what is it? (Magic is an answer he doesn't like, because it tends to be messy. It's more common here than ever.)]