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["No biggie." What is it with you people and your bizarre slang? Regardless, they both have more important matters at hand to hammer out.]

Near the rockiest part of the beach. He got into a scuffle with one of the crabs.
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The literal radio silence on the other end after she sends her reply message -
Yes, why do you ask? - has her shaking her head in exasperation before she resumes her task of trying to patch up her wounded deer patient. It's not exactly a laborious process but it is one hindered by lack of supplies. The abundance of Gift previously had outweighed any real need to stock up on healing supplies.

Speaking of healing supplies soon as she finishes washing out the wound, a low clunk catches her attention. Rolling towards her is a tube, leaving behind a wad of bandages in its wake. It's with slow movements that she picks it up and untwists the cap, to discover some of the very same ointment she'd been talking about earlier.

Next to her, the deer is staring wide-eyed at a spot ten some feet away.]


[Don't be a creep and hide, whoever you are........]