thebelly: (that is good news)
( jolly old ) nicholas st. north ([personal profile] thebelly) wrote 2016-03-24 03:42 am (UTC)

[ Look this is the only slang he can say without completely embarrassing himself, give him some credit... ]


You said you needed ointment, yes?
[ And that's that - any further attempts at contacting him will probably be completely ignored, because now this Guardian has a mission to help out a poor deer.

Minutes after grabbing the ointment and some bandages, (he might be a teensy bit light fingered, but he'll give it back, honest - he even left a crude Thank you! written with a stick on a leaf and everything), he traverses across the rocks in easy hops.

It doesn't take him long to spot the native or the woman standing near him - but he still stops, at least a good 10 feet away. Normally he'd be all for handing it over to her, but he doesn't have the guarantee she can see him -- so. Hm.

Eventually North settles for throwing the tube and bandage on a flat surface near the two. He's been around for at least a thousand years, uncanny throwing abilities were something he probably mastered ages ago.

Merry Christmas, Riza. ]

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