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"super-demony demon" Hellboy ([personal profile] hellshaped) wrote in [personal profile] thebelly 2016-03-08 07:45 pm (UTC)

Your name: Theresa
Character Name & Journal: Hellboy ([personal profile] hellshaped)
Canon: Hellboy/BPRD
Belief Level: Half-believer kind of

Why this level? OK SO what I have done in the past with ROTG characters is this: Hellboy is technically a nonbeliever, but his status as a demon of some note (he is technically a prince) means he is susceptible to Some Stuff. Details below......

Anything else? He'll be able to be able to vaguely pinpoint where North is in a room, though he might be off by a foot or so. He won't be able to see him properly (kind of a peripheral vision deal) and can unreliably hear him like someone talking through a wall. When he is drunk, he'll be able to see/hear/touch him like normal, though.

Character Name & Journal: Rick Sanchez ([personal profile] ricksybusiness)
Canon: Rick & Morty
Belief Level: nonbeliever 100%

Why this level? Too logical, sorry bout it

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