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Your name: Kiva!
Character Name & Journal:
Sans/this one right here
Canon: undertale
Belief Level: non-believer

Why this level? idk it's funny to me since he's the only undertale who won't see him

though mostly it's a human holiday adopted into monster culture for some reason and he's been signing christmas presents as from santa for years to protect his brother's innocence...

so ofc he KNOWS santa doesn't exist (surprise yes he does)

Anything else? he gave some presents to people in december signed as from santa idk if that has any relevancy :u

Character Name & Journal: Ranmaru Rindou / [personal profile] unoradinary
Canon: Good Luck Girl!
Belief Level: Half

Why this level? her dad never would have let her believe in stuff like that from the getgo and he's not exactly as prominent a figure in japan as other countries but

she's very open minded and did directly say to someone here she doesn't think he exists back home but anything's possible here considering the amount of crazy stuff going on so

Anything else? n/a but she's gonna ask him to run with having asked her to hand out like 80 kigurumis
pls roll with it for the children's innocence santa-san
that and some very naive adults

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