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Pearl "the Hot One" ([personal profile] beyourrock) wrote in [personal profile] thebelly 2016-03-08 01:16 am (UTC)

Your name: Gato
Character Name & Journal: Pearl (beyourrock)
Canon: Steven Universe
Belief Level: Half-believer

Why this level? Pearl has been on Earth for a few thousand years. And in the past 20+ years, she has been taking into consideration of human customs and traditions. For example, she celebrates the New Year with Steven, a young boy whom she takes care of. She tries to humor him in his customs, such as holidays, and even birthdays, but she is very awkward when it comes to actually experiencing them. She finds some earth holidays to be strange, compared to her life on Homeworld, which is very dull compared to Earth.

Pearl experiences these holidays due to Steven helping her along. She's willing to try them out, but she hasn't quite put her heart and soul into it just yet. She's the 'seeing is believing' type, and tends to favor hard cold facts over opinions, for the most part, unless her own passionate feelings get in the way.

Anything else? I believe she could see flickers of North here or there in the visible realm, but, for the most part she wouldn't be able to see him. However, I'm sure she could hear him just fine. And possibly think she's going mad in the process.

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