March 7th, 2016

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CHARACTER: Nicholas St. North
SERIES: Rise of the Guardians
AGE: looks like he's around 70 y/o, actually around 1000?? aka i don't know
HEIGHT: let's say 7'4"(223cm) bc that looked credible thanks google images
WEIGHT: ?????
LANGUAGES: english, russian, leech, hamster, most bugs?? please don't ask.
SPECIES Guardian (Spirit)
NOTABLE FEATURES: thick russian accent, snow-white beard, bright blue eyes, a big guy who likes making a lot of hand motions as he talks

also invisible if you don't believe in santa
(VERY) BRIEF PERSONALITY: he has an entire matryoshka doll describing his personality, which goes in the order of - intimidating, jolly, mysterious, fearless, caring, and wonder

this more or less translates to: loud, sword-wielding Russian dude who's not afraid to fight for what he believes in, or use intimidation when necessary. has a bit of a self-absorbed/competitive streak (i dare you to tell him Easter is more important than Christmas) and does ridiculous things because he can, but means well at the end of the day. very comfortable with his guardian status, surprisingly secretive about who he is. otherwise the textbook definition of Santa who's endlessly optimistic / cheerful about everything and an all around not!dad.

PHYSICAL AFFECTION: pats on the back, friendly kisses on the cheek, pick-you-up-and-crush-you hugs are all things he's more than familiar with, and will gladly initiate and reciprocate!
ROMANCE: please don't try to romance santa, he's not interested
PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: yeah go for it, but jury's out on whether or not he can actually get injuries because canon is a kid's movie and didn't show any of it. . . he's also a Guardian and is more or less immortal. but because this is rp fun times i'm gonna go with a "yes". if you want to go past broken bones though, please let me know!
TELEPATHY: go for it!
OTHER NOTES: north can't be seen/heard/touched if characters don't believe in him. see more here.
CONTACT: pm the journal or catch me on charred@plurk -- please let me know who you are before you add me on plurk!!
AVAILABILITY: gmt-4, with a weird schedule that switches around every 4 months; rn i'm working full time.
BACKTAGGING: yes please, i live off of back tags. if i accidentally drop something and you'd like to continue though, let me know!
THREADJACKING: as long as the other party's okay with it 9/10 i'm cool.
FOURTHWALLING: go for it, but he'll probably laugh at you if you tell him santa's not real. but please keep from fourthwalling the Rise of the Guardians canon specifically.
ACTION VS PROSE: my action brackets have prose so i default to action, but i'll match!
OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS: n/a - i'm cool with just about everything, but if you wanna check feel free!

img by MeisterC @ tumblr, code by byob @ dw

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i can feel it in my belly tiny wooden baby

one day i'll stop making jokes
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